Deer Brook Clubhouse Lease Policy


The Deer Brook Clubhouse may be rented by individuals or groups for social, nonprofit, cultural or civic purposes.  The Clubhouse may not be used by any commercial, political or religious activities unless specifically approved by the Deer Brook Civic Association “DBCA”.  The specific nature of any fund raising activities must be identified and have prior approval of the DBCA.


Clubhouse Lease Fees:


1.      Swim Club or Association Member in good standing (4 hours) $100.00

2.      All others (4 hours)- $225.00

3.      Additional Rate Per Hour- $50.00

4.      Recurring Events- Contact for Fee

5.      Reservation Deposit- $75.00

6.      Lease Cancellation Fee- $50.00

The following guidelines shall be followed in the lease of the Clubhouse:


1.      The maximum number of persons is limited to 49 per zoning code of the Township of Medford.

2.      The Clubhouse is available for rent from March 1 to Memorial Day and Labor Day to December 31.  The DBCA may approve use of the Clubhouse other than the available period.

3.      Renter must complete a Deer Brook Clubhouse Lease Agreement.

4.      Renter must provide proof of insurance (Certificate of Insurance or copy of homeowners policy indicating that their personal insurance covers the Lease Event) to be in force for the lease date.  Groups which use the Clubhouse on a recurring basis shall provide an insurance binder naming DBCA as an insured party.

5.      Set-up prior to the event is coordinated with the Rental Manager and it is based on the availability of the Clubhouse.  Event breakdown and clean up is included with the rental period.

6.      Event is confined to the designated clubhouse area.  Use of the swimming pools or other outdoor facilities is not allowed.

7.      Event shall have adequate adult supervision at all times (a minimum of 1 adult per 10 children).

8.      No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises, unless prior approval has been granted by the DBCA.

9.      No gambling of any type is permitted on the premises.

10.  Renter is responsible for the action of all persons on the premises during the lease period.

11.  Renter accepts the Clubhouse as is and assumes all liability and risks associated with the use of the Clubhouse.

12.  Parking outside the Clubhouse parking area is not permitted.  No vehicles are permitted to park on Tavistock Drive or Jackson Road.

13.  Renter is responsible for all damage occurring as a result of the lease event.

14.  Renter shall provide all setup and breakdown of chairs and tables.

15.  The daily lease period shall not begin prior to 10:00 am (earlier set up time requires prior approval). The property must be vacated no later than 11:00 pm.

16.  Renter is to leave all areas of the Clubhouse in a clean and orderly condition at the time the property is vacated.  The cost of additional cleaning as result of the Renter’s failure in this regard will be deducted from the Security/Damage Deposit.   

17.  The DBCA reserves the right to terminate use at any time if a violation of the rules/policy exists/persists.

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