Full Access Membership


Full Access Membership

from 618.00
  • Returning Bonded Members may not owe any Bond
  • New Members must select one‐time purchase of a bond.
  • Some Members eligible for up to a 10% Discount, see details and codes below
  • Must be a Family Member. Family Members are all those residing at the same residence on a permanent basis.
  • Discounts apply ONLY to memberships that ARE NOT on the 3 year plan. ** 1st, 2nd and 3rd year memberships are NOT eligible for discounts. 
  • **Discounts that are applied that don't meet the requirements will be billed to the member. 

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DISCOUNTS:  You may save 5% for each of the following items:  Early Pay, Active Military and Deer Brook Resident.

Codes are as follows: 

Active Military- ACTIVE05

Deer Brook Resident-RESIDENT05

Early Pay - EARLY05

Deer Brook Resident and Active Military- ACTIVERES10

Deer Brook Resident and Early Pay - EARLYDEER10

Active Military and Early Pay - EARLYACTIVE10

Deer Brook Resident, Active Military and Early Pay - EARLYACTIVEDEER15

Discounts that are applied that don't meet the requirements will be billed to the member. 

BONDS:  Note:  We are a bonded club and this requires each member (or member family residing at one address) to have an active bond.  For additional questions regarding bonds, please contact a current board member. 

Once you select your member option here, you will need to select your New Member Bond from one on the choices:  (You will actually select them as an additional product)

I will choose a “One‐Time” payment of:

Non‐Refundable         $300 Bond
Fully Refundable         $500 Bond
or I have a Paid Bond       

These bonds differ in that the $300 Bond is yours and will be active while you attend Deer Brook and once you decide to leave Deer Brook, it is not returned.  The $500 Bond however will be returned pursuant to the bond requirements listed in our By-Laws.